Training for H145

Reiser Simulation and Training Airbus H145 Full Flight Simulator

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FSTD Specifications NO-125

Type or variant of aircraftAirbus Helicopters H145 (MBB-BK 117 D-2)
FSTD qualification levelFFS D
Primary reference documentCS-FSTD (H) 26th of June 2012
Visual systemNORXE P1WQXGA (8ch LED+IR projection) QUANTUM 3D IDX8000 3D FoV 230ox80o
Motion systemMOOG MB-Electrical 6 DOF MOOG
Vibration platform 3 DOF
Engine fit2 x Turbomeca Arriel 2E
Instrument fitEFIS (Replica) Airbus Helionix® Step 2 and Step 3
Additional capabilitiesTU206
2 x Garmin GTN750
NVIS/NVG capability
Medical Crew Member Station for CRM training
Cargo Hook Dynamic Load Simulation
HTAWS & Avonics Suite Helionix® capability
Intuitive on-board IOS with briefing, debriefing and scenario creation functionalities
Worldwide database with customer-specific high resolution insets
OSM street network with moving traffic

The German simulator manufacturer Reiser Simulation and Training GmbH has successfully deployed a mixed-reality (MR) solution for training of the Medical Crew Member (MCM) on-board of their Level D Helicopter Full-Flight Simulator. The 3rd Crew Member Station is located in the aft-cabin behind the cockpit inside the dome. The key element is a Mixed Reality goggle with “see through” capabilities, allowing the MCM to watch the virtual out-of-the-door scenery when looking outside the open cabin door or virtual windows, and at the same time watching the helicopter cabin to interact with Pilot, Co-Pilot and MCM equipment.

The MR device enables the MCM to perform all his mission duties from clearing the rear part of the helicopter when landing in confined areas as well as observing any hand signals given by the Rescue Man attached to the rope underneath the helicopter.

Training is improved by a night vision mode that simulates the typical enhanced view through a Night Vision Goggle (NVG) and further by a torch, equipped with a tracker system, projecting a simulated light beam to illuminate landing and accident site. The simulated light beam is visible for both MCM (through MR goggle), Pilot and Co-Pilot in the dome.

The MCM Station provides next generation training during Rescue Man / Underslung Maneuvers, Search and Rescue Missions, Take-Off and Landing Maneuvers in confined areas, paired with an immersive benefit for crew coordination.