Crew Training

Multi-Crew Coordination Training

Multi-crew operation is definitely a topic for many helicopter operators, no matter if it is required by law, like for off-shore operation, or if it is a voluntarily initiative. Proper crew coordination is an essential contribution to helicopter safety.

Through our training courses, pilots will learn some of the most important lessons in professional aviation ranging from developing their leadership and decision-making skills, to strengthen their team work and communication skills, to confidently and safely managing a multi-crew operation.

Our FFS D is a full type-specific replication of the real helicopter allowing all essential MCC tasks to be trained in a most realistic environment.

3rd Crew Member Training

The 3rd Crew Member is an important member of the rescue team, although he/she is not flying the helicopter he/she is contributing significantly to achieving a safe and successful mission. Modern HEMS crew operation is teamwork with over-lapping competencies – meaning that one is the Commander of a certain task and the others are observers and supporters.

Typically, the 3rd Crew Member is responsible for the winch or underslung operations and therefore is in constant communication with the pilot. The better the team is with respect to coordination, the better the mission goal will be accomplished. 

Besides classical pilot training, modern Flight Simulator Training Devices also offer a simulation of the workplace of the 3rd Crew Member in a mixed-realty environment. The cabin set-up is a one-to-one as in the real helicopter. The 3rd crew member is wearing VR-goggles, which present him/her a realistic outside view with the rescue man on the rope, but switches to transparent mode for area, where the 3rd Crew Member looks into the cabin. Therefore the 3rd Crew Member can communicate with the other crew members having eye-to-eye contact, but when looking outside of the helicopter, he/she will be presented the OTW-view. Control of the rescue man is done via IOS inputs.

3rd Crew Member training can be part of the regular pilot training, thus improving training efficiency.