Training Offerings

Simulator Training

Check out the world’s latest simulator training technology! Enhance your flight safety on our H135 and H145 Full Flight Simulators. Experience the most excellent database and visual system available and let us surprise you with a wide variety of weather scenarios.
Weather conditions can be set without any technical restrictions. The intuitive structure and touch technology simplify programing specific scenarios for training as well as saving them afterwards (e.g. on a personal data stick). Scenarios can also be prepared on an external platform and then uploaded to the Full Flight Simulator’s Instructor Operator Station (IOS).
Once you have completed the introduction course, you will easily manage the simulator’s complex operator console. Afterwards you will discover various ways to improve your lessons and scenarios to gain outstanding realism for your pilots’ training. Our visual system includes both classic and separate infrared image generators for Night Vision Goggles flying. Bring your own NVGs and experience ultimate realism.

Third Crew Member Training – Mixed Reality Option

The 3rd Crew Member Station is located in the aft-cabin behind the cockpit inside the dome. The key element is a Mixed Reality goggle with “see through” capabilities, allowing the MCM to watch the virtual out-of-the-door scenery when looking outside the open cabin door or virtual windows, and at the same time watching the helicopter cabin to interact with Pilot, Co-Pilot and MCM equipment. The MR device enables the MCM to perform all his mission duties from clearing the rear part of the helicopter when landing in confined areas as well as observing any hand signals given by the Rescue Man attached to the rope underneath the helicopter. Training is improved by a night vision mode that simulates the typical enhanced view through a Night Vision Goggle (NVG) and further by a torch, equipped with a tracker system, projecting a simulated light beam to illuminate landing and accident site. The simulated light beam is visible for both MCM (through MR goggle), Pilot and Co-Pilot in the dome, which provides most realistic training during night missions. The MCM Station provides next generation training during Rescue Man / Underslung Maneuvers, Search and Rescue Missions, Take-Off and Landing Maneuvers in confined areas, paired with an immersive benefit for crew coordination.

Night Vision Training

Our Full Flight Simulator contains two image generators (IG) for a maximum degree of realism. The scenery is thus no longer a compromise between classic night image and NVG image.
The instructor sets the level of brightness in the classic night view image, whereas the level of brightness of the night vision image can be set with the second IG. Come and train the whole crew of three members with Night Vision Goggles. We have just set up the perfect training environment for you. Just bring your own NVGs and take off!

We are looking forward to you challenging us with your night vision training requirements. Check out our capabilities.