Joint Press Release NCCH AS, NLA AS, RST GmbH

Stavanger/Norway, October 10th, 2018


Photo courtesy of Air Ambulance Services of Norway


Norwegian Air Ambulance AS (NLA – Norsk Luftambulanse), Reiser Simulation and Training GmbH
(RST) and Norwegian Competence Centre Helicopter AS (NCCH) celebrate inauguration of the
NCCH training center in Stavanger/Norway.

Establishing an Airbus H145 Level D Full-Flight Simulator is one of the key measures to increase
operational safety of the air ambulance service in Norway. Following this idea, NCCH has established
their first training center in close cooperation with the Norwegian air Ambulance AS and the German
simulator manufacturer Reiser Simulation and Training GmbH to provide most sophisticated training
for pilots and crew members. The cooperation between customer and simulator manufacturer has
proven to be very efficient, bringing the new Full-Flight Simulator to a technology standard for the
interaction of flight- and medical crews like never before.

On October 10th, 2018 NCCH opened their doors for customers, partners and friends to celebrate the
inauguration of their Next-Generation Training Center.

Dr. Roman Sperl, Chairman of the Board of NCCH and RST´s CEO delivered the inaugural speech
introducing the partner companies that contributed to the development of the brand new training
center. Erlend Segtnan, NLA Pilot and Project Leader expressed the need to provide most realistic
Full-Flight Simulator training for NLA helicopter crew who will now be able to train their demanding
missions in the operational environment they fly in daily.
During the course of the event the guests received technical information on the Airbus H145 Level D
Full-Flight Simulator and NCCH training solutions and were given the opportunity to take a seat in the

The highlight of the event, however, was the thrilling demonstration of networked simulation. Two
military flight crews were able to fly their missions through a network connection between RST´s Full –
Flight Level D H145 simulators located at the ADAC HEMS Academy in Bonn/Hangelar, Germany
and NCCH Training Center in Stavanger, Norway.
This enabled both crews to fly multi-ship scenarios, fully integrating both crews into a team
exchanging video and audio communication through a networked environment.
After their 2,5h mission, both crews reflected positively on its outcome, especially emphasizing the
stability of the network connection, the quality of the flight simulation and highlighted the realistic and
immersive Night-Vision Goggle stimulation. The crews were able to use their own Night-Vision
Goggles and flight-gear without modification.


Photos RST / Erlend Segtnan

About Norwegian Competence Centre Helicopter (NCCH)

Norwegian Competence Center Helicopter AS (NCCH) provides simulator training for pilots and crew
members from various mission profiles like HEMS, law enforcement, VIP services or offshore operators.
NCCH has been established according to the requirements of Norwegian Air Ambulance (NLA) to provide
most sophisticated training for their HEMS pilots and crew members. NCCH is situated in Utsola,
Stavanger, Norway. For more information see or LinkedIn.


About Norsk Luftambulanse (NLA)

Norwegian Air Ambulance AS is a HEMS operator, delivering services to the National Air Ambulance
services of Norwegian Air Ambulance AS and operating 12 rotor wing air ambulance bases in Norway,
and 3 bases in Denmark. With more than 250 employees, NLA does a broad spectre of work, and has
employees with a wide range in backgrounds.

The Norwegian Air Ambulance AS
+47 64 90 44 50


About Reiser Simulation and Training

Reiser Simulation and Training GmbH (RST) has more than 30 years of experience in the field of
simulation and training for military and civil aviation platforms. The family-owned company with
headquarters south of Munich presently employs more than 200 aviation experts at five premises. RST’s
range of products and services primarily covers the development, design and production of simulators and
training media for both pilots and maintenance personnel. The company’s reputation has been built on
understanding its client’s needs, applying extraordinary quality standards and manufacturing the most
reliable products of its class which reduce the operational cost for its customers. More information can be
found at or on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.